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Wed Jul 31 19:44:29 2002 (rr)
Book: N/A
Location: San Juan Island
So we are in the San Juans, spending our time searching for jobs on the web and alternately, escaping outside. We really want to go kayaking here, but you need so much dang equipment just to get started (roof racks, kayaks, wet suits, blah blah blah). In the meantime, we are going to learn about the currents with our new Washburne's current atlas. In a few days, we are going to go on a more economical backpacking trip in the North Cascades. We are slowly easing our way back into the real world.
Seattle seems somewhat smaller to me and perhaps too familiar. I think it just takes some time to readjust. Either that or its time to move to San Francisco! Still, I'm looking forward to exploring Puget Sound by boat, so that should be enough of a reason to hang out in Washington for a while longer.
As for the blog, we're hoping to reorganize it for easier post-trip browsing. Our film is ready to be picked up next time we go off-island, so soon there will be lots of photos clogging up our web site.

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