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Mon Jul 22 21:01:59 2002 (rr)
Book: Hidden Hawaii
Location: Lava trees
we camped in a cloud last night. The tent didn't flood. Very very green. It rained and rained. I believe it may rain there every day of the year. Which may explain why we were the only campers, and why the cabins at the park are so popular. Meanwhile, the Kona Coast is probably dry as can be. This morning we got up early and ate our pancakes, then drove south to Lava Tree State Park. The road to the park is lined with tall albizea trees which have broad flat canopies. Lava trees were formed when lava poured over a forest, then drained away again, leaving behind coated burning trees. Now there are a whole bunch of lava pillars, hollow on the inside with occasional holes punched through where the tree branches were. Some of the coolest trees were the ones that had fallen over. They bore the most resemblance (i think) to what the original tree looked like. The park also had a ton of orchids, birds of paradise, and other flowers that I don't know the names of.

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