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This was a typical day kayaking in Palau. It was absolutely amazing - note the little tunnel that we kayaked through to get to this lagoon on the right-hand side. These bright emerald-green mushroom-shaped islands have overhanging ledges about five feet above water level. They are perfect for kayaking under when the noon sun is a little too harsh. The coral under the water was incredible - amazing colors and so pristine. The coral off of Central America was nothing compared to this.

Palau is truly one of the best places to kayak in the world. You can kayak from one little island to another, not worry about tides or long crossings, and never ever get bored. There are thousands of tiny islands, and countless lagoons to explore. If you get tired of kayaking, just jump into the water and go for a snorkel among the coral or just for a swim. There were even some hikes to old WWWII ruins, as well as a great snorkel near an old Japanese fighter jet.

And of course I haven't even mentioned the diving in Palau, which is usually the main draw. I've never dived and had never really wanted to, but Palau convinced me that someday I must give it a try. You can dive along this huge drop off - Palau sits on this shallow shelf in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by the deep Pacific. This creates a big ocean ledge for Palau, which harbors an amazing variety of sealife. Most dives focus on this area - exploring the drop off region where these two sea ecosystems meet.

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