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Sat Jul 20 21:30:40 2002 (rr)
Book: Hidden Hawaii
Location: Volcanoes Ntl Park, Hawaii , Hawaii
So on afternoon tuesday we landed on the big island. The next day we got all the permits , and stuff necessary to do a weeks worth of camping , and headed south to the National Park.
Wednesday afternoon we hiked across the steaming caldera of Kileaua iki, across both shards of sharp rock, a'a and smooth flows pahoehoe. It was a pretty amazing hike, especially since you walked not just across it , but around the rim through bright green forests, looking down on the desolate plain of rock.
Right after the hike we ate an apple & penut butter and took off for the 45 minute ride down to the coast. At the end of the road we parked our car, hiked past a mile of parked cars and then a couple hundred yards over lava flow ( that covered the road) and stopped with a huge mass of people. And stared. There was red hot (very very very ... HOT) lava. It was flowing. Very slowly, but that made it more comforting. Especially relizing you could get as close as the stupidist teenage boys, getting their pictures taken with the lava. It was immensly cool, and it just got cooler as it got darks and it became clear that the whole hill side was just the same. It was amazing. It was definitly worth comeing to the big Island for just this. Great!

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