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Sat Aug 31 16:04:32 2002 (nmcfarl)
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Location: SJI
So we went down to portland this week and I had an interview with a firm that seemed pretty cool. They are doing a process called XP which is weird but I'd love to try out. I haven't heard from them and I was kinda supposed to so maybe it didn't work out, we'll see.
Other than that not much is new, but it's my Birthday, and I have photos for you.

Taiwan Pictures

Hong Kong is coming along, and you'll probably see that next week with all of SE Asia hot on it's heels.

Sat Aug 24 23:26:19 2002 (nmcfarl)
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Location: All
So we're looking for jobs, and cooking up a storm. Other than that we're helping rachels mum redo some technical stuff with her site and we're going to start drumming up some freelance work it looks like. But in our spare time we've been fixing up our photos for the web and this is the first installment.

Palau Pictures
Yap Pictures
Hawaii Pictures

Thu Aug 8 19:43:03 2002 (rr)
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Location: North Cascades
Nathan and I went on a backpacking trip up in the Northern Cascades. The weather wasn't nearly as bad as the forecast, which promised thunderstorms and "unseasonably cold" weather. We planned on hiking to Whatcom Pass in two days, then turn around and hike back out. The hike was mostly in the forest, with a pass to cross on the first day, but mostly in valleys the rest of the time. After we crossed Hannegan Pass, there were a bunch of marmots (with the same fur coloration as my cat Octavius) scampering around. They were not shy of people -- one was only a couple feet away.
The second day involved a cable car crossing -- pulling ourselves in a little metal car across a wimpy looking cable over a rushing river-stream. Our camps were near creeks and surrounded by tall firs, many of which are as branchless as telephone poles. We discovered this when it came time to hang up our food to prevent the bears from feasting on our food.
The one rather miserable day began early, around 5, with the sound of rain starting to patter down on the tent fly. It steadily increased throughout the day, and as we walked into our next campsite, our feet were audibly squishing in our shoes. We set up camp, ate dinner for lunch at around three, and retreated to the tent to spend the afternoon reading and listening to the rain. The next day was pretty nice. We spent the first few hours doing the hard uphill part and the rest of the way out was downhill.
Next time we go out backpacking, I want to take a day or two in the middle to do day hikes. We were too tired to go the 3 more miles out to the pass and the cool-sounding nearby lakes. The hike in by itself was worth it though.

Thu Aug 1 18:24:14 2002 (nmcfarl)
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Location: San Jaun Island, WA, USA
So we're home, sorta. We landed a week ago tuesday, late at night and head up to the San Jaun Islands (San Jaun in particular) and are crashing with Rachels mum, Sharon. ( Speaking of which if you want to get a feel for the place, Sharon runs this online newspaper, check it out.)

We're basically exploring the Island, seeing friends, and camping. Rachel knows the island very well from living here, and I know it not at all, but am rapidly learning. Wandering about we've seen some great views from the top of mount young, really a hill, a bald eagle, and probably a puffin. It is a very pretty place but not to large, in size nor population, and I'm learning the roads and starting to recognize the people that Rachel keeps running into usually on her way to and from the gym.

I have to go down to Seattle to see anyone I know, so last weekend we did just that. It was much fun. Saw Brandon, who having just totaled his vehicle, went out and purchased a twin of the car here rented in Australia. It is a very very nice car. I also popped into AdRelevance (which is now under new ownership, and much much smaller after a couple rounds of layoffs). It was good to see everyone, but it reminded me that a bunch of uniformly good people can still make for a place I don't want to work at. We also missed a large number of people, we must remember our address book the next time we do this.

As for the camping, we're hopefully going off island today, to do a 3 nighter in the north cascades. This should be fun.

PS Don't miss Rachel's blog entry from yesterday, finishing off July.

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