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Sat Jul 13 20:46:01 2002 (rr)
Book: Moon Guide Kauai
Location: Kauai
Our first full day in kauai, we took of from are very nice B&B and went for a hike on the amazing napali coasst. We started from the worlds most crowded parking lot and did a beach to beach climb. It was pretty hillybut not to bad (even with me in my tevas , my new hikers since I sent home the real hiker in HK). The veiws where amazing with mountains jutting up behind us , and the cliffs and seas in front. A good short hike.

The next day we did a longer 5mi 4.5hr, hike down the Waimeia canyon on the other side of the napali coast. The canyon is stunning, deep, red from the iron in the rocks, drier than around the coast but still green. Truely amazing very much like a the pictures of the grand canyon, but green. And of course less deep. The is something about canyon light. It was truely amazing, this is a great hike, I have no clue why the cguide books don't absolutly rave about it. A great day.

Yesterday we did the beach thing at a couple of beaches , and found us a room up north for the next 3 days.

Tommorrow we do a guided kayak trip up the napali coast. This should be amazing. Hopefully it will be better than the tour in yap which was beautiful, but with a near mute guide.

Tuesday we're supposed to go to Seattle, but it looks like we're extending for a week to go to the Big Island.

Hawaii is a very good place, indeed.

- Nathan

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