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Thu Aug 1 18:24:14 2002 (nmcfarl)
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Location: San Jaun Island, WA, USA
So we're home, sorta. We landed a week ago tuesday, late at night and head up to the San Jaun Islands (San Jaun in particular) and are crashing with Rachels mum, Sharon. ( Speaking of which if you want to get a feel for the place, Sharon runs this online newspaper, check it out.)

We're basically exploring the Island, seeing friends, and camping. Rachel knows the island very well from living here, and I know it not at all, but am rapidly learning. Wandering about we've seen some great views from the top of mount young, really a hill, a bald eagle, and probably a puffin. It is a very pretty place but not to large, in size nor population, and I'm learning the roads and starting to recognize the people that Rachel keeps running into usually on her way to and from the gym.

I have to go down to Seattle to see anyone I know, so last weekend we did just that. It was much fun. Saw Brandon, who having just totaled his vehicle, went out and purchased a twin of the car here rented in Australia. It is a very very nice car. I also popped into AdRelevance (which is now under new ownership, and much much smaller after a couple rounds of layoffs). It was good to see everyone, but it reminded me that a bunch of uniformly good people can still make for a place I don't want to work at. We also missed a large number of people, we must remember our address book the next time we do this.

As for the camping, we're hopefully going off island today, to do a 3 nighter in the north cascades. This should be fun.

PS Don't miss Rachel's blog entry from yesterday, finishing off July.

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