Travel Notes

Sat Jun 15 05:02:54 2002 (rr)
Book: LP Taiwan
Location: taipei
This says "damn computer" in some Taiwanese character set.
I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to change it back to normal. (i'm writing this in the correct set in Palau)

Sat Jun 15 05:00:41 2002 (rr)
Book: LP Taiwan
Location: Taiwan
This is our last day in Taiwan (we think). Our flight time was changed, so we are going to go watch some of the Dragon Boat races as today is Dragon Boat Day.
Some highlights of Taiwan:
tea eggs (hardboiled eggs boiled in black tea)
hiking in Alishan hill resort
World Cup games
walking around Taipei
t-shirts that say weird/nonsensical things
huge national museum, one of the best collections of Chinese art anywhere.
motorbikes driving the wrong way down the road, and on the sidewalks.
motorbikes park on the sidewalks by law, so people walk on the roads.

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