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Sun Jan 6 02:05:08 2002 (nmcfarl)
Book: New Zealand LP
Location: Auckland
So we are now in Auckland , are rather nice city, I must say , but I'm going to concentrated on Tahiti, out first destination.
We spent spent about a week there, and it was a good way to start the trip.
The day we landed against all reasonablness rachel was full of vim and vigor and managed to get us a wonderfull place on the backside of the island at fare nanao A very cool place with very atisiticaly built bungalows. A nice way to go.
The next day we headed out to Tahiti-Iti the little island attached onto the side of the big island, It's a bit more remote and we camped on the edge of the village Taurina. We walked everywhere , a very cool area. It poured, we where wet. The guy who's property we camped on Mato, was vewry very nice, a cool experience. The next day sunday we got a ride out of Taurina ( no buses ("les Trucks" on sunday) and to papeete , where we stayed overnight and caugt the ferry to Morrea the next day . We stayed at camping morrea for the rest of out time, we go a bungalow and by and large self catered ( which is very nice, even curry without curry paste is a nice change from eating other peoples cooking, particularly when you get to use the native produce , which we did.) We practiced not moving, It was good , we didn't get to sunburned. On the whole tahiti was pretty cool, but also pretty french ( 30 cent baguttes) and amazingly expensive for all the tourist stuff (which we avoided, by and large).

Sun Jan 6 01:57:26 2002 (rr)
Book: South Pacific Moon Guide
Location: Tahiti
Things I like about Tahiti:
  • Le truck -- colorfully painted cargo trucks that now have covered seating on the flat bed that will take you anywhere in Tahiti.
  • Baguettes -- subsidized by the French government so they're cheap and good. We ate a lot of baguette.
  • Waves -- huge crashing waves only for the bravest of surfers.
things i like about Moorea:
  • Mango jam -- made in Moorea and so so so good (see baguette, above)
  • sitting on front porch of bungalow reading Happy Isles of Oceania and the first two Harry Potters.
  • doing nothing
  • asking Nathan what time it was (so as to see how long I managed to do nothing for)

Sun Jan 6 01:44:45 2002 (rr)
Book: New Zealand LP
Location: New Zealand
Got into Auckland, NZ yesterday. Staying downtown, and got soaking wet in a downpour this morning while exploring the city. This morning we learned about NZ drinks -- short black, long black, and flat white. I thought flat white was some weird type of tea. Turns out that its kind of a cappucino and kind of a latte. I asked the waitress for an americano, which I then described to her. She then informed that it sounds much like a long black. And indeed it was. That knowledge should get me through the rest of my stay here very well.

Auckland is a much larger city than I imagined. The economy seems to be doing incredibly well - Seattle circa 1999. Not sure what the secret is here. There are tons of cafes, restaurants and designer clothes boutiques. People are pretty casual dressers but seem to like hanging out in upscale very hip surroundings. Which suits me well since the only kind of look I can pull off on this trip seems to be outdoor traveller "chic".

There are many parks and many hills (ancient volcanoes) that reminds me a bit of San Francisco. In fact, we got caught in the downpour in one lovely park full of trees that I have never seen before in my life. This particular park was planted with 1100 trees. As Nathan told me, even the green landscape looked a little different as we flew in on the plane.

Sun Jan 6 01:42:27 2002 (nmcfarl)
Book: Australia Rough Guide
Location: UI
It has been brought to my attention that the date based navigation of the blog is a little confusing. The Blog always centers on the entries for the current month, to see other entries click forward and backward on the month names in the right hand bar for navigation through all entries.

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