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My life is spent at the start up Rachel and I founded: CastingWords.com, transcription made simple. [posted 4/19/06]

Rachel has created SantaFeEats.com, a wiki guide to food and cafes in Santa Fe and nearby areas. A wiki is a website that anyone can edit and add things to. [posted 11/10/05]

Photo Sets:

  • Trip to the Mediterranean, 2005:
  • Moab!, with Nathan's Mum April 2005. [posted 05/15/05]
  • Rachel's Black & White Japan photos. There are some stunningly good pics here. [posted 07/07/04]
  • Nathan's Favs from Japan. I've been using the Japan photos as my screen saver for 6 months now. This is a selection of my favorites. [posted 07/07/04]
  • Travel:


    I'm spending the month of May in Buenos Aires - hopefully there will be blog posts

    Rachel and I went to Europe -- really the Med, in Oct 2005. Turkey in particular was a highlight, but the whole thing was much much fun. Check out the blogs, and of course the Pics. [posted 10/23/05]

    Brandon, Rachel and I went to japan in early Oct 2003. We had a ball. Check it out in the Travel Blog for details. Pictures! [posted 11/12/03][updated: 06/29/04]

    See all the pics! Big bend, the south pacific etc...

    The 7 months traveling in the pacific in 2002.


    Check out the travel guide (with pictures!) based on a trip to Canyonlands.

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