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read our travel log archives. We mostly traveled in 2002, from January to July, so I recommend looking in the directories for those dates. We kept this online journal throughout the entire seven month trip. It's not being used so much now, so you'll have to surf around a bit.

Travel photos
Places visited (listed in the order we visited them in):
06/17/03: I'm working on reorganizing our blog entries into longer pieces, and ideally will develop an awesome Flash interface for it all. that'll be a little while though...

South Pacific
New Zealand
New Caledonia

We met up with our friend Brandon for our two weeks in Australia - some highlights of our time here included fast cars and open road, good food and music, and funky hotels...
and the state of Victoria

South-east Asia
Singapore, Malaysia

Eastern Asia
Hong Kong
Taiwan (short entry), (highlights, comments on keyboards)
Palau Travel Pages (created from blog entries)
Original Blog Entries about Palau
Yap, Federated States of Micronesia
Guam (early entries in July, mostly about the Typhoon!)

We started off our trip in Anchorage, Alaska, at Nathan's mom's for Christmas. We then flew from there to Tahiti where we celebrated the New Year and experienced an extreme change of temperatures (well, only 40 ºF to 90 º F as Anchorage had a warm spell. BUT it had been way below zero...)
Hawaii: Oahu, Kauai (read the July 13 and 16 entries), and the Big Island ( July 20 and 22 entries)
After that, we returned home to Washington state and moved in with my mother on scenic San Juan Island and started looking for jobs and the occasional fun trip.

Canyonlands, 05/2003.

If I had lots of time and money, I would return to New Caledonia to study French, enjoy Noumea, and visit the offshore islands and explore Grand Terre. Then I would take an extended kayaking/camping trip in the Rock Islands of Palau, or perhaps, Fiji, then hop over to Hong Kong or Singapore for some good food and shopping. And I would have to stop in at the ruins of Nan Madol in Pohnpei, which sadly we missed due to a typhoon and disrupted plane schedules.

Of course, most likely I would try someplace I haven't been before. These days, we're thinking Central America and Mexico, since we are so close. Kayaking in baja California, riding the train through Copper Canyon, and exploring some more Mayan ruins sounds pretty good. Returning to the barrier reef in Belize and Honduras would also be great. So many options, so little time.

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