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SantaFeEats.com : a new guide to food and cafes in Santa Fe, Espanola, and Los Alamos. Its a wiki, so anyone can edit and update it. Add your favorite restaurant or the one you refuse to go to anymore.

I'm working at Los Alamos National Lab up in northern New Mexico as a Computer Technician with the Influenza Group. I work on developing web tools using Perl and ActionScript (Flash). I live in Santa Fe Española, NM.

Updated at least weekly when I feel like it. I like to write about new places I go to, random ideas I have late at night, or maybe just what I made for dinner.

My new blog exploring a potential biz plan - workspaces for writers

Coming Soon! Blog that explores my ongoing startup project - a publishing platform in Flash - blogging and beyond! Right now we like to refer to it as Fwik.


Where in the world is Rachel? (requires Flash)

Canyonlands Travel Guide and Photos

For the first seven months of 2002 I was travelling along the Pacific Rim to places like Fiji, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Yap, Thailand, and more... Nathan (my boyfriend, and travel companion) and I kept travel log. I've also added a travel page that lists the places we visited with links to our blog entries and also some photos.
Also, my blog has pictures from Japan - check out entries for October and November.

I graduated with a B.S. from the University of Washington, where I studied Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences. I'm also a Vassar dropout, where I studied things like Eastern Religion and Art History.

Some day i would like to return to school to study something in the area of cognitive science, comp sci, or linguistics. or perhaps i will change my mind entirely...who knows.
Perl/bioperl/development links:
Flash Remoting with Perl (FLAP)
Using FLAP with mod_perl

Southwest links:
Santa Fe New Mexican, daily newspaper
Santa Fe Reporter, weekly
Chavez Community Center hours

NW links:
San Juan Island news
KEXP my favorite radio station (listen online, esp. to John in the morning)
Email me at rachel@nmcfarl.org