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little cuzns

Wed Mar 22 2006 08:43 MST #

I have tonz of cute little cousins now. And second cousins. Mom wuz going to kill Brooke & me if we didn't go see Uncle David and get lots of cute pix of our latest cousin Kerrigan. And Conor, and Campbell, and Kennedy. (They like alliteration, if u haven't noticed). Fortunately (not becuz our lives were spared, but because it was nice), we did get to visit them right before we left. And mom, here are Brooke & myself holding...gasp...a baby! Don't get 2 excited now.

First picture is of the Kivisto's.

Second picture is Brooke holding Kerrigan.

Last picture is me holding Kerrigan, and all of us cousins posing together.

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