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United = Rat Bastards

Mon Mar 20 2006 21:11 MST #

Can i just say I hate United now? I had to change my flight so I can attend my grandpa's funeral. They don't offer bereavement fares anymore, so I had to pay 260 bucks to stay an extra day. However, as it turns out, I could have changed my flight free, because of snow storms in Denver. But they didn't offer this to me on the phone yesterday, oh no. Lets just charge her as much as we possibly can. I already said earlier today that I will always fly Southwest in the future if that is an option, and you know what - it would have been well, well worth the extra fifty dollars. They are the only decent airline that i know of these days.

from United's website

Dates and cities impacted

Traveling on March 19-20: (with tickets purchased on or before March 19)

To and from the following city/cities: Denver, CO

Summary of reaccomodation policy changes All United®, United Express®, TedSM and United code-share flights are covered under the policy. For customers currently en route who would like to adjust a return trip: Rules and restrictions regarding standard change fees, advance purchase, day or time applications, and/or minimum stay or Saturday night-stay requirements have been waived. For customers who have not begun travel: You may make one change to your travel plans without change fees or advance purchase requirement for the same itinerary. For a new itinerary, you may make one change without change fees. Rescheduled travel may be subject to higher fares if it does not meet original rule and booking codes restrictions or is a new itinerary.

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