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Sun May 21 2006 19:00 MDT #

I think it is weird that I can see a big fire burning in Bandelier National Monument, yet find absolutely no mention of it online. It seems newsworthy to me. I would think that one of the local papers would have reported on it by now. It had to have started a few days ago I imagine - though there was no sign of it till this afternoon as far as I could tell from Los Alamos. It's a big plume of smoke right now. When i drove by this afternoon, there were a couple of planes (presumably airtankers) flying out over it. And a helicopter.

Update: I kept on Googling, and found the Southwest Coordination Center website with breaking fire news for New Mexico. They are calling it the Capulin Fire. It is 60+ acres as of 4:50 pm today. Also it looks like it started today, at least this site says "new start" this afternoon around 1:30.

From the site:

5/21 1650 SNZ...Capulin Fire, BAP. Aerial observers estimate fire size at 60+ acres , burning on mesa tops and in stringers of pine. Torching and spotting are observed fire behavior as winds continue to be main control problem.

5/21 1525 SNZ...Capulin Fire, BAP. Fire size is estimated at 25+ acres. Ten Park personnel are staffing the fire. The Santa Fe Hot Shots will be ferried to the fire via helicopter.

5/21 1400 SNZ...Capulin, BAP. Fire size is estimated at approximately 10 acres. Two Park personnel are presently on the fire. Fuels are pinion pine/juniper with a grass understory. Observed fire behavior includes spotting. Steep ground presents hazards to firefighters. Two Hot Shot crews and a second airtanker are ordered (35 45 28 x 106 19 46).

5/21 1347 SNZ...New Start. Capulin, Bandelier NM. Fire is located 23 miles west of Santa Fe, NM. One airtanker has been committed.
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