Rachel driving the Porsche in Australia

Driving a Porsche in Australia. Be careful though - don't let those car rental companies try and steal your deposit! They rang up my deposit as a sale - and those deposits were hefty! I got it back though. And I loved the car.

Nathan and Brandon at dinner

Eating dinner somewhere along the Great Ocean Road. Nathan on the left, Brandon on the right. Nathan was wearing his rain jacket probably because it was the warmest thing he had on the trip. Actually I bet he was wearing ALL of his clothing - south Oz in fall is a wee bit chilly. Brandon looks happy to be on vacay with us for a forenight...

Nathan smiling Nathan happy and smiling somewhere tropical - Tonga, New Caledonia? Can't remember.

Nathan in Tonga

Nathan, growing out his poofy hair, sitting in a German-owned cafe in Tongatapu, Tonga. This is our only pic from Tonga - we seemed to have lost a roll of film there.



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