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Reformatting Foreign OS Disk Partitions for Mac OS X. :

To start with you have to boot off of a disk that is not the one you are partitioning. Then the main trick with reformatting another OS's partition in Mac OS X that the standard Mac tools can not see them, and fdisk, well just doesn't work.

What does work is pdisk, it works fairly intuitively, especially after you read the man page. It should be noted that all question that would follow a command such as 'C' (create) can be entered on the same line as the command separated by spaces. So to Create a partition where partition 3 is, with a name of 'NewPart' and a type of HFS, one can enter c 3p 3p NewPart Apple_HFS

If you are having trouble with the boot to CDROM, or have an interesting set up this list of snag keys should help.

And finally this Mac OS X Hint talks about this stuff, most of it in more detail.