About the Beers

So as we travelled around the South Pacific I found myself drinking more beer and less wine than i do back in the states. This was partially because wine was less easy to get a hold of and partially because it was HOT, and beer seems more appropriate in hot climes.

In Tonga I decided to keep track of what I was drinking and how good it was, as the Tahitian beer had sucked, but the local Ikale was really quite good. I wrote ratings and descriptions down in the journal. And in this part of the site I've reproduced them on the web. Part as HTML, part as scans(marked by a ).

Unfortunaly the ratings are all very relitive, and although Ikale was one of the best beers I judged it to harshly at the time. As the trip wore on I got more leniant and by the time I got back to the states and tried and MGD, my standards had dropped to such a point that it would have rated 4 stars.

Now on to the Journal:

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